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Turn to Pacific Business Lending to buy construction equipment

Need money to buy a crane, dump truck, trailer or other construction equipment? Pacific Business lending specializes in providing financing for local companies or organizations who’ve been turned down by other lending institutions for being too small or having less-than-stellar credit. In just 24 to 48 hours, we can approve construction equipment financing up $250,000 without any financial statements or tax returns. Clients with good credit may benefit from our preferred rate program.

All types of construction equipment can be financed through Pacific Business Lending, including:

  • Bulldozers and dump trucks;
  • Chippers and stump cutters;
  • Backhoes and tractors;
  • Garbage trucks and street sweepers; and
  • Tow trucks and trailers.

With traditional lenders, you may have to wait a significant period of time to get approve for an equipment loan, if you get approved at all. Our philosophy is to give you the funds you need as soon as possible so that you can take advantage of all the business opportunities that come along.

Key Benefits of Our Construction Equipment Financing

Our goal at Pacific Business Lending is to provide quick and easy financing to clients who have difficulty working with the big banks. We’re staffed by commercial-lending experts who have connected a wide range of local businesses with lenders from Oregon and the rest of the country. The key features to our equipment loans are:

  • Fast approval;
  • Up to 60 months to pay;
  • Flexible eligibility requirements; and
  • Help for startup companies.

In addition to equipment financing, we can give your company working capital for your normal operations. By putting cash in your pocket, you can hire more workers, rent commercial space, expand your operations, buy more supplies or fill any gaps you have in your cash flow.

The financing you get from Pacific Business Lending is not based on your profitability. We’re focused on giving small and medium-sized companies the capital they need to grow in a financial climate that often makes it difficult to get funding. Even if your personal credit is not very good, we can probably get you the cash you need to keep things running. Please give our office a call today to speak with a lending expert about your options.